Why has #MoePrigoff’s Disappeared From #StorageWars: Texas?’

First he was there and no he’s gone.

Moe Prigoff, perhaps the only reason to watch “Storage Wars:Texas”,  has disappeared.   At least, he is nowhere to be found on the small screen.

Storage Auction Forum recently noticed that Prigoff and Victor Rjesnjansky were missing from a recent cast picture. Rjesnjansky apparently is set to appear in an upcoming episode. As for Prigoff, his fate remains unclear.

His “partner” Mary Padian has teamed up with Jenny Grumbles.   Whether this duo will be dynamic remains to be seen.

Prigoff, I guess, is supposed to be the show’s answer to Barry Weiss,  “The Collector” on the original “Storage Wars.”  He is certainly one strange dude.  How else can you describe a podiatrist with hording problem?  And I am not sure what to make of this line from his official biography: “With the help of his young manager Robert, Moe runs two successful businesses.”

A&E has been screwing around with “Storage Wars.” The father and daughter auctioneer team Johan Graham and her father Earl Graham suddenly appeared on the show.   Dan and Laura Dotson, the show’s beloved husband-and-wife auctioneer team, were nowhere to be found.   “The Gambler”  Darrell Sheets and and his fellow tank top twin and son Brandon Sheets were also missing.

Maybe Prigoff isn’t missing.  He is probably hiding.